Sometimes Cats Are Just Too Much Fun!

We had quite the adventure with Demi last night.  Ryan and I had observed what we thought was her rubbing her bottom on the carpet, like dogs do.  Yesterday she was doing that a bit more and crying.  Of course the bitch wouldn’t let me near her and I couldn’t tell if she had a leg problem or butt problem.  So, I called the vet and made an appointment for 2 hours from then.  I tried to catch her and get her into the carrier and she was totally ballistic.  Then she ran out the dog door.  So, I cancelled the appt and arranged to bring her in first thing in the AM.  I figured Ryan (who belongs to the darn thing) could help me catch her in the AM.


Last night she was really bad.  And she was dragging her poopy butt all over the carpets.  She went under our bed and I got Ryan to help.  Ryan and Eric chased her all over the house where she left skid marks from top to bottom.  Thank goodness most of our house has wooden floors but still, being a cat, she was selecting the carpets.  They finally caught her and took her to the night vet, while I scrubbed carpets.


At the vet’s they tried to get a look at her and asked if they could shave her behind.  Even after sedation, she was so upset that they were afraid she would have a stroke and had to stop treating her for a time.  What was wrong?  Basically nothing.  She had a lot of poop on her butt that she wouldn’t or couldn’t get off.   Apparently, this is a common problem in long haired cats.  I’ve never heard of it.  So, after $200+ and a night in the hospital, I hope she has learned something.  There is no way we are ever going to be able to clean her up if this happens again!




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