Waldo Fire Update 1 – posted Tuesday 6-26-12

I thought I’d take a minute to let everyone know that we are safe. Some of you may not have heard about the raging fires here in Colorado Springs. At times the smoke is irritating. It is so very hot here that we hate to close up the house.

Yesterday, when Ryan and I were out driving, we could see 3 fires on the front range. As evening came on the fire rolled over the hills and down into the NW part of town, where there are houses. Eric’s office is basically in this area and he saw this happen. The area was evacuated and he cannot return to work today. This is the first area where houses were burned, since the start on Sat.

The fires started near Manitou Springs and West into the mountain towns beyond Manitou on Sat. In Teller Country, the one west of our El Paso County, there were 20 fires started by arsonists. Apparently they were stopped quickly. The fire here is called Waldo (for the area it started) and is not thought to have been started by arsonists but we did hear it was an unattended campfire. Have not heard other news about this for days.

32,500 people have been evacuated + pets. The Air Force Academy is threatened on the south side and parts are evacuated. 10,000 acres added just over night, what they called a 3 mile spread. So, at the moment there are 15K acres burning, they just said 24K square miles. Typically in the evening winds shift and this can cause the fire to change directions. We have support from all over the state, including air tankers from the US gov’t, which can carry 3000 gallons of retardant or water. As you might imagine, we have lots of air traffic.

I am so impressed with the efforts from all gov’t groups, police, firefighters, red cross, etc. They certainly seem to have their act together. The local TV stations have been fabulous with info, maps, how to help or get help. The frustration is trying to get information about the Boulder area, where we have so many friends. There is another fire there on the Flat Irons working its way into Boulder. The internet is the only source and there are pop up advertisements and things that are not up to date.


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