Waldo Fire Update 2 – posted 6-27-12

We got the news and press update around 4 today. The fire has spread north due to high winds. 5% was contained during the day but not sure now where it stands. It has tripled in size since last night. Still no deaths, that they know of, but many houses burned. It has been too hot for them to go in and determine addresses or assess the damage.

Eric and I collected paper products, toiletries and some food. I drove way out east to deliver it. It was more smokey out there than at our house. Just as I arrived it started to rain hard. I was praying that it was raining in the mountains. Apparently it did rain some but mostly it just kicked up the wind, causing more problems for the firefighters. On my way back, the air had cleared considerably over the mountains and it looked like the 3 fires had just really calmed down to a bit of smoke. Then the wind came in and the smoke now covers the sky.

We are fine. I think we are about 4 miles from the closest fire. I’d be surprised if it came down to us but after what happened last night, who knows? It is scary. I’ve talked to a few people and they feel paralyzed like I do. You just don’t know what you should do. We did our best by donating but don’t really want to go out in the smoke, nor leave our home.

Eric found a very big flake of ash, as big as his whole hand, in the back yard. They say embers can travel 1/2 mile.

The command center for the fire is at University of CO in Colorado Springs. This is on a high point and looks toward the mountains. It seems like a sensible place for it. The FBI is now involved with investigating. Can’t remember if I said in my last update but on Fri/Sat 20 fires were started by arsonists in Teller County. They are out but there is still a question of what caused our 3 fires in El Paso County.
The attached pics are from the local TV station and were taken last night.

Pictures from the local TV station on Wednesday

Posted to the local TV station on Wednesday.

Posted to the local TV station on Wednesday.

Posted to the local TV station on Wednesday.


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