Waldo Fire Update 4 – 6-29-12 I HOPE THIS IS THE LAST

Update 4

This morning brings a better outlook. The sky is clear and bright, although they expect rain later. I don’t see or smell smoke. The fire has moved a long way north of town and they are starting to allow evacuees into certain areas. The Air Force Academy is also back to work. Eric went in this morning.

Everything in my house is covered in a film from the smoke. Keep finding black flecks in the cat’s water. How does it get through the screens in the windows??? Not happy that we are breathing all this either. But, my issues are nothing compared to the 346 houses burned and 1 person dead. One person is also missing at this time from the same house where they found the body.

 We were bombarded by Mitt Romney’s nasty ads. Clearly a quote from Obama that has been cut from a full conversation, implying that he said something that works to Romney’s advantage. They have been running this ad since Saturday every single time the news makes a break. It has run hundreds of times and was approved by Romney. It is really slimy. Whether you like Romney or not, I think it is inappropriate at this time. However, I’m sure that they know everyone around here is watching this newscast and they are right in thinking they are getting a huge audience. Later there was one run by the Obama campaign just stating facts (as they see them, of course). Now that the TV coverage is not 24/7 anymore, the ads have stopped. God, how I hate politics!

Obama is here now visiting with officials, firefighters and evacuees. I’m posting pictures that were taken by my friend’s son, who is a fire fighter. I hope this is my last update.ImageImageImageImageImageImage


One response to “Waldo Fire Update 4 – 6-29-12 I HOPE THIS IS THE LAST

  1. Thanks Anne for taking the time to keep us informed. What a great job you did!!!

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